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GE Clinical Command Centers help top-tier hospitals and health systems achieve and sustain next-level performance through actionable information, targeted process improvement, and culture change. GE helps clients to imagine, design, build, and activate clinical command centers.

Clinical Command Centers harness artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to coordinate patient care and resources across the entire health system, streamline care delivery, and improve health outcomes. By streaming real-time data on key aspects of patient care—such as forecasted demand, transfers between facilities, care progression, and discharge planning—staff can direct resources to areas of high need and give healthcare providers the critical information necessary to best care for patients. It is artificial and human intelligence coming together 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to detect risk and coordinate complex care.

Clinical command center work is usually the centerpiece of an overall operations transformation. Clinical command center design begins by crystallizing problems during the discovery phase. We lead clients through a problem-back design process to develop functional requirements, which may include functions, staff, location and floor plan, source systems, actions, analytics, and a multi-generational plan

Once the design is approved, our team works with the client-selected architect to fully specify and build the space. In parallel, we integrate and build the Wall of Analytics™, which provides real-time decision support to center staff. Activation begins on go-live to fully embed the center into provider operations through operating mechanisms, procedures, and interactions. GE drives the overall program, including the command center, from inception to sustainable outcomes. Using the command center toolkit, GE customers have consistently realized a 4-to-1 ROI within three years.

Johns Hopkins Capacity Command Center | Improving Efficiency and Patient Care

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