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MRI 1.5 T / 3.0T & PET/MRI

GE Healthcare MRI 1.5T & 3.0 T

In today’s digital world, everything around us continues to become faster, smarter and more connected. To solve for your greatest challenges, we’ve bridged innovation with intelligent software, devices and services to elevate the patient experience from the moment they enter the exam room until the results are available for the radiologist.

Precision health through intelligent MR

MRI 1.5T - GE Healthcare Signa Artist

MRI 3.0T - GE Healthcare Signa Architect

AIR Technology

Freedom, Ergonmy, Performance

Signa Premier

3.0 T WideBore with extrem performances :

– 80 mT/M amplitude

– 200 T/m/s Slew rate

With great speed comes great clarity

Excites multiple slices during a single acquisition to accelerate scan speed
Utilizes proprietary compressed sensing technology for up to 8x reduction in scan time while maintaining resolution
Selective excitation for higher spatial resolutions and reduced scan times
48 Channel Head Coil

Today’s clinical challenges are growing more specific. They go beyond the need to see, to the need to understand and they require a focused and collaborative effort to solve. SIGNA Premier was created from such an effort, which is why it’s not just the next iteration of today’s technology. It’s the MR technology of the future, so we can start building a better understanding of diseases today.


When we first introduced Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology on a fully integrated PET/MR system, we said it would be revolutionary. We delivered on that promise and now we are taking it even further.

Introducing SIGNA™ PET/MR with QuantWorks. Built with pioneering TOF and integrated with a 3.0T MR, its impressive quantitative accuracy and high count rate combined with innovative Q.Clear reconstruction delivers 2x improvement in image quality. In addition, SIGNA PET/MR with QuantWorks includes a comprehensive suite of applications and flexible research tools to pursue ideas that could influence the future of medicine.

SIGNA PET/MR with QuantWorks is built with proprietary Silicon PhotoMultiplier (SiPM) detectors and the exceptional sensitivity of 25 mm deep Lutetium-based crystals. The result is a fully integrated PET/MR with high sensitivity and TOF capability.

In addition, our innovative Q.Clear reconstruction leverages the excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) enabled by TOF. And our Zero Echo Time (ZTE) MR substitutes X-ray based attenuation correction with ionizing-radiation-free MR in the head. This combination of improvements to image quality and quantitation accuracy enables you to embrace the full potential of PET/MR.

Volume rendering, HyperBand DTI FiberTrak fused with HyperSense 3D TOF

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