Our Story

Why we started it?


Since Röntgen, Medical Imaging has undergone fundamental changes that have led to the diversification of imaging sources into X-Rays, MRI, ultrasons and fonctional imaging.

After a period in which radiologists had an exclusively confined role in image analysis, we have entered a period focused on more invasive procedures, geared towards better diagnostic efficiency.

New « hybrids » tools have emerged such as PET/CT, PET/MRI, Spect/CT, OR (Hybrid room),… which have opened up new horizons.

The evolution of post-processing has also played a key role, from the reconstruction of filtered backprojection (FBP) throught iterative reconstructions until deeplearning model. The latter make it possible to provide an unequal compromise between the image quality of the FBP model by integrating the dose reductions put towards in the iterative reconstruction.

This new diagnostic vector and these new tools have made it possible to achieve considerable progress and are far from having exhausted their potential, which allows both advanced training of users, precision of movement, specific equipment. and suitable accessories.

These elements justify that compagnies concerned are now integrating the development of a “Doctors to Doctors” training and exchange which contributes to the circulation of knowledge and to taking the first steps in the filed of interventional examinations.

In this context, digitization has made it possible to futher push the limits of Medical Imaging, the development of remote solutions and its use is becoming more essential days after days.

It is in these growing areas that Be Healthcare has focused its activity.

Who We Are?

Benoit started working in 2006 for GE Healthcare as Agent after a Master in Communication and a Master in Management in UCLouvain. In 2013-2014 he follows an Executive Master in Management at the Solvay Brussels School and completed his training, in 2016-2017, by a second Executive Master, this time, dedicated in Finance.