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Senographe Pristina 3D

GE Healthcare Senographe Pristina

Reshape the mammography experience with comfort, confidence and clarity

We partnered with radiologists, technologists and most importantly, patients, to create a mammography experience that is designed to deliver superior diagnostic accuracy for the detection of breast cancer during a mammogram.

Tomosynthesis low dose


Comfort for Patients

A 3D mammography system that is more inviting and more comfortable resulting in a better overall breast exam experience.

An attractive and well-designed gantry

Senographe Pristina mammography system was designed to ease anxiety when the patient enters the exam room.

The new, inviting gantry promotes a sense of calm, with elegant lighting and gentle, rounded shapes.You’ll need to experience it to truly realize what it can do for you.

Rethinking patient comfort

Senographe Pristina helps ensure that patients are comfortable during their mammogram.

The soft armrests have replaced the typical hand grips. So rather than tensing muscles to hold a hand grip, patients can rest their arm comfortably on the arm rest and relax their muscles, which can simplify compression and image acquisition.The gentle, rounded corners of the bucky may reduce anxiety, discomfort and even mammogram pain.


2D, 3D, sous angiomammography

Radiologist Testimonial Video from Hospital del Mar on GE Pristina Serena Breast Biopsy

510(k) pending at U.S. FDA. CE marking could be pending. Not available for sale in all Regions


Designed for interpretation of diagnostic and screening exams, thanks to the manipulation of multimmodal and multivendor images. It provides review, post-processing and printing functionalities for FFDM, DBT and CESM images

eContrast : 6 different contrast level algorithms to satisfy user preferences

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