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PET/CT Digital with MotionFree

GE Healthcare Discovery MI

Our vision for the future of PET is completely digital, from acquisition to reconstruction to open source reporting solutions. Each component of the PET workflow is important to the results you and your patients seek. A digital PET experience is what connects all the important technologies, data, insights and people together to make PET an indispensable tool.

The LightBurst Digital Detector is the critical next step of our vision for a digital future for PET. It combines a small lutetium-based scintillator crystal array with a Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) bloc design for high NEMA sensitivity of 21 cps/kBq and a large 25 cm extended axial FOV. This state-of-the-art PET detection technology delivers significant improvements over TOF-analog technology in scan times, required dose levels and small lesion detectability.

In addition to advancements in reconstruction and detection technology, Discovery MI includes diagnostic CT innovations from our Revolution EVO. It combines the Clarity Imaging System with the speed of the Performix 40 Plus tube with our proprietary HiLight CT detector to deliver up to a 2x increase in spatial resolution. Our innovative ASiR-V iterative reconstruction method comes standard to reduce CT dose by up to 82 percent at the same image quality in routine imaging across applications And with Smart MAR virtually eliminating streaks and shadows from metal artifacts, you’ll save valuable time previously spent correcting images..

Discovery MI with 15 cm, 20 cm or 25 cm coverage

3 Rings4 Rings5 Rings
Coverage15 cm20 cm25 cm
Sensitivity7.5 cps/kBq13.5 cps/kBq21 cps/kBq
Step / Time2 min / Step2 min / Step2 min / Step
Injected Dose2 MBq/kg*1.5 MBq/kg1.2 MBq/kg
  • Injected dose with analogic PET/CT in similar conditions : 3.5/3.7 MBq/kg

Work Environment

GE Healthcare Digital PET/CT use high end technology with Motion Free

Motion Free

First-ever Digital Respiratory Motion Management.

How often are you working around motion instead of seeing throught it ?​

Introducing Motion Free

Respiratory motion negatively affects about half of all PET/CT procedures. And not just in the thorax, but all the way down to the pelvis as well. What’s more, it affects your images in ways that you can’t always predict or read around. It can hide small lesions, make staging for treatment difficult and lead to inaccurate SUV and volume measurements. Every situation is unique. However, current solutions are cumbersome and take too long to set up, which puts you in the difficult position of having to pick and choose which situations to use it in. As a result, only a small percentage of overall procedures affected by motion receive the benefits of motion correction.

PET/CT Respiratory Gating Comparison (Conventional vs FreeMotion)


Aw Server

AW Server is your platform supporting a broad portfolio of efficient and automated workflows that allow you to manage your time, equipment resources and costs while enhancing your team’s ability to collaborate and provide diagnoses. The AW Server adds speed, efficiency, and diagnostic flexibility to your workflow. Its applications portfolio helps boost your PETCT diagnostic confidence as you analyse and evaluate exams with :

  • PETVCAR | Multi-modality, multi-exam SUV comparison to evaluate lesion metabolic activity over time.
  • Oncoquant | Robust tools for routine oncology diagnosis, treatment follow-up, reporting and clinical trial management.
  • Integrated Registration |Multi-Modality Registration Image Management.
  • MotionVue | High Definition 3D imaging.
  • DynamicVue | Quantitative review of 4D PET datasets with time activity curves.
  • CortexID Suite | Streamlined, automated solution for analysis and quantification of PET FDG and beta amyloid brain scans.

With its novel, easy to use, intuitive interfaces and reporting flexibility, the AW Server streamlines your workflow and helps make your entire department more productive.

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